Massimiliano Fiorio Antiques

With extensive experience in the antique trade, the third generation of antique dealers starts with Massimiliano Fiorio.                                                                                          

Duly registered under no. 2 on 17/16/2013 in the Register of Qualified Consultants – Art Experts of the Court of Turin, (Court-Appointed Expert) Technical Consultant to the Judge.  Registered with the Chamber of Commerce Industry Crafts and Agriculture of Turin under no. 1205 on 08/05/2009  

Massimiliano Fiorio is particularly specialized in the division of inheritances. He plays a key role in assessing family properties in the case of a succession and proceeding with the division of inherited movable property with fair distribution of the same, thereby avoiding long, drawn-out and traumatic disputes between the heirs.


with immediate payment, antiques – complete furnishings, paintings, oriental art, design, porcelain, silverware, icons, etc. 

We also examine and purchase single objects or entire collections.

0039 011 9580145


340 6408605

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